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Unhappy Hard drive crash - advice sought


I have been using SuperDuper (SD) for many years to help keep my anxiety level at a manageable level. Over the past 6 years or so, I have only had to invoke SD once due to a hard drive crash.

Today, it seems, I might need SD again. Let me explain my setup. I have a MacPro which runs off of my main internal drive (#1). I have SD make nightly backups to internal drive #2 (at 1AM) and to an external drive (at 4AM). I also have Time Machine (TM) make incremental backups of my main drive every hour.

Last evening, apparently during the SD backup to internal drive #2, during the repair permissions of internal drive #1 step (I use repair permissions before every SD copy), drive #1 must have failed. Maybe a bad sector was encountered during the repair permissions step. Therefore, I have a SD backup that is 24 hours old and a TM backup that is 1 hour old.

I woke up this morning to a frozen screen saver screen and I could hear the internal drive making the sickening intermittent clicking sound of the r/w head trying to access the disk.

I was able to reboot on internal drive #2, but I want to recreate drive #1. I am going to purchase a new drive, but I'm trying to figure out whether I should use SD or TM (or a combination) to restore to the new drive #1. The last time I had to do this, TM didn't even exist (I think I was running Panther).

I'd like to get back to as close as my previous state as possible (with proper prefs, passwords, desktop layout, etc.). What do you suggest as my most appropriate step(s)? I am running Snow Leopard 10.6.3.

Thanks in advance!

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