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In general, this technique will not work. Updated to OSX will often make significant modifications to the location and number of files in the system folders. If you don't let SuperDuper! remove/move files (a "move" would be a copy of the new file and a delete of the old one), then you can end up with a reasonable backup that is no longer bootable due to OS and other changes.

The best thing to do is to partition the Backup drive into two volumes, one for each drive. That will allow you to use Smart Update as intended, and will ensure the bootability of the main volume. This will resolve each problem you list in the best possible way... and there's no real disadvantage, either.

Regarding scheduling/Daily Backup, since you've got two sources and two destinations, you'd want to create two scripts. You can copy the Daily Backup *application* (not the script), and then open it in Script Editor. The first one would be "Daily Backup" and the 2nd would be some other name, like "Daily Backup 2". Edit the script by dragging and dropping the application onto Script Editor and change the line that reads:

run using settings "Daily Backup" without user interaction

to use a different settings file, such as "Daily Backup 2", like so:

run using settings "Daily Backup 2" without user interaction

Save the script application.

OK. Then you'd follow the instructions in Section 12 of the User's Guide to save the settings for the two backup operations, one in "Daily Backup" and one in "Daily Backup 2". Then, you can use those two little applications to schedule.

You don't have to use Cron: instead, use iCal. To do so, create a new calendar just to keep things clear, and create two events, one for each script, at a time of your choosing.

Then, set the alarm for 0 minutes before, and tell it to open a file as the alarm action -- use "Daily Backup" for one and "Daily Backup 2" for the other. That's all there is to it!
--Dave Nanian
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