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PGP from a Safety Clone

I'm not sure this is related to SuperDuper, but it appears so.
I've made a Safety Clone partition of my boot drive using the “shared users and applications” option. It seems to be working fine, with the exception of PGP.
I’m running the commercial version of PGP 8.1, distributed by PGP Corporation. It’s been installed in my main partition, before making the Safety Clone. It runs without problems in the main drive. However, when I boot using the Safety Clone PGP Disk refuses to mount any secure “disks” previously created. It says the software is not properly installed and that I should uninstall and install it again. If I re-boot from the original partition, it works without any problems.
The other PGP functions seem to be working in both the main drive and the Safety Clone, including the creation of new PGP disks. It’s just the mounting of these “disks” that do not work from the Safety Clone.
Has anyone else experienced this type of behavior?
Thanks in advance!
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