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Originally posted by dnanian
The easiest way is to ensure that the users are created in the same order when doing the initial install, if you've got > 1 user.

If you only have 1 user, it should be created with the proper UID.

To verify, go into a terminal session, switch to your home directory (which should be the default), and type:

ls -ln

You'll see something like this:

drwxr-xr-x 3 501 20 102 27 Jan 20:10 Applications

"501" is your user ID (as opposed to your user name). 501 is the "1st user" created on OS X, 502 would be the 2nd, etc.

If it's not, there are ways to change it in NetInfo, but let's not get into that now: could be messy, and you could wreck things.
Perfect, Dave. My ID is 501. Changing my user ID NAME (for ex: "ted" to "teddy") can cause problems too, though? If not with SD, then possibly with other applications, even if the ID # per above is the same?

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