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Hi, Ted -- glad you're giving SuperDuper a try. Hopefully, you'll find that we're both easier to use and more powerful: when you move to the 12" PB, please consider partitioning and creating a Safety Clone, which will protect you against future problems. It's a great time to do it, since you're going to whack the drive anyway.

To get to your questions:

Q1: Yes, that's exactly what I'd do (save for partitioning for a future Safety Clone).

Q2: It *should* work fine. You'll find out quickly, because it won't even boot from the external drive if it's not going to work. That's why it's wise to do it this way, rather than using -- for example -- firewire target disk mode (a one-step option, but more dangerous).

Q3: Nah: since you're doing a drive->drive copy, there's no need to use ASR, which is more for restoring from images. ASR is used by SD when you restore an imaged backup, but not drive to drive.

Hope that helps!
--Dave Nanian
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