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New to Backing up and external HD

I posted the following on the Mac OSG forum and was advised to come here for comprehensive advice and help.....

"I have just bought a LaCie 1TB d2 quadra from my local Apple Store, and installed it this morning, but now comes the difficult part

I want to use it to back up my G5 (Power PC) and two Mac Laptops, a new Macbook (Intel core duo) and an older MacBook Pro, which my son uses.

I can download the LaCie Intego Backup Assistant for free or pay for their pro version, but I remember seeing that people rave about Carbon Copy Cloner (have I got that right) and Superduper.

Although I know my way around my Macs, I am not well versed in backing up (bootable drive etc). Can someone give me a brief explanation and advice as to which programme to use please.


Seems they mostly like Superduper, but I know nothing about it or how best to use it, the drive is connected by a Firewire 800 lead, and it has been formatted to the standard Mac format. So far that's all I have done.

Any advice and assisstance would be welcome.

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