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Booting from external disk drive


I used SuperDuper! to copy my Mac Mini internal hard drive (PPC G4) onto my external fire wire drive (Lacie d2 Extreme 160 GB) and designated the external drive as my startup disk. OS X boots fine from the external drive, but I can't get past the log in screen. The system doesn't recognize my user name and/or password, so I have had to restart and boot from the Mini. I have the Mini configured to automoatically log in to my account upon restart, but apparently this setting didn't transfer to the external drive. Also, The log in screen that appears when I boot from the external drive is different from the one that appears when I boot from the Mini. The latter screen has user photos and requests only the user password, whereas the screen that appears when I boot from the external drive has no photos and requests both user name and password.

I don't whether this is relevant to the problem, but I didn't create a new partition on my external drive for the cloned disk; I just copied it onto the already formatted, single partition external drive.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.

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