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When will the next scheduled backup be if copmuter was turned off?

I'm looking for alternatives to SilverKeeper, since it can't make backups to network drives.
After checking like 10 different backup applications I found this one on recommendation. (gee, there is a lot of bad backup apps out there)

This seems to do same job as SilverKeeper, except for the nice thing to save everything into a sparse image, a solution I like a lot. Much better to do backup of the backup server with 10 sparseimages than one million files.

but, what happens if the computer was turned off when the scheduled time occurs? SilverKeeper runs the backup when the computer is tuned on again.

Besides, I find it too bad to not be able to test the entire app before buying it. let me try 10 backups or 20 days or something. I'm interested if it can be something that fit my demands.
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