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If your drive is already failing, it's kind of too late to do this kind of thing, but a few comments:

- Plan A won't work, because you can't run SD! from Terminal when booted from the DVD.
- Plan C won't work, because you shouldn't copy Tiger from Leopard

That leaves B. Not quite sure why you're running SD! off a flash drive, but that's what I'd try. But there's also Plan D:

- Get a FireWire case that would normally work as a boot drive
- Install Tiger or Leopard, clean, to the external
- When prompted to "migrate from another Mac", point it at the internal drive. That'll bring in your files and applications and avoid copying the OS, so at least you'd be copying a minimal amount of data
- Swap the drives

Yes, there's no SD! involved there, but since it copies as little as possible it might be your best shot.

Plan E would be the same as C except running Tiger, not Leopard. That'd be OK, too.

Finally: make sure you're using "Apple Partition Map" as your partition scheme, since you have a Power PC Mac.
--Dave Nanian
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