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Trouble booting from restored image

I've been backing up a PBG4 (running 10.4.11) using SuperDuper! over the network to a Windows share. After my most recent backup, I did an erase and install of Leopard. I was having trouble getting some of the Leopard apps to read the data that I copied over from the backed up sparseimage file, so I figured I would just re-image the drive with the backup, do a little more research, and then try again. (I don't really want to use Migration Assistant.)

I purchased a G-Drive 500 GB external hard drive, and copied the sparseimage file over to that. I booted from the Leopard install DVD and was able to image the internal HD using the sparseimage file.

However, I can't get past the gray Apple screen when trying to boot from the internal hard drive now. I've tried repeating the process using the Tiger DVD, which hasn't helped. I'm working on installing a bootable OS to the external drive now, to see if I can re-apply the latest combo updater.

One caveat--the name of the sparseimage file and the name of the imaged hard drive were different (didn't see your recommendation on that until I started troubleshooting), but even if I rename the imaged volume using Terminal, I still can't get the thing to boot up.

Any thoughts?

Love the program, and thanks for any help you can give me!
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