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Hi, Luhmann. I know it sounds like an 'excuse', but SuperDuper! does not run anywhere near the Kernel level, so it's not the reason your system is Kernel Panicing. Rather, something else on your system is being triggered by SuperDuper!'s rather fast access of your I/O subsystem. The question is: what's really crashing?

It's difficult for me to know from the SuperDuper!.log, because it doesn't have any information about other programs in it.

However, 9 times out of 10, this kind of kernel panic is due to a low-level kernel extension that's trapping I/O -- usually, it's Norton AntiVirus, Norton Utilities, or something similar. (If you've got NAV, turn auto-protect off: it can't handle scanning hundreds of thousands of files at one time without crashing...)

If you'll include your panic.log -- which you'll find in /Library/Logs (off the top of your boot volume), it will hopefully point to the culprit.

--Dave Nanian
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