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Simple Restart of Mac wanted

My office requires each computer to logout after hours. For security reasons and for their remote update needs.

I like to use SD 2.6.2 every Friday after work to backup my primary HD to a second HD (in my MacPro) on a scheduled basis.

SD has options to Restart from my backup drive and to ShutDown. I simply want to Restart and let the Mac come back to the Login screen.

So I used a simple AppleScript from the web (see below), put it inside the folder I have SD and set SD to execute this script "after copy completes" but get the following error: "| 05:41:03 PM | Error | sh: /Applications/Apps QB/SuperDuper!/restart.scpt: Permission denied"

Here is the script:
tell application "Finder"
end tell
1 - it would be nice to have a basic "Restart" option
2 - but what might I be doing wrong with this script? Apple AppleScripts and Shell scripts not the same perhaps?

thanks much!
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