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Basic backup advice!

For the last few years I have used SD constantly backing up my Mac on a schedule and thankfully have never had a H/D failure.

I am not what one would call super technical but wouls appreciate some suggestions on the following.

I have recently purchased a MBP which I will only use for writing a new novel. Besides the Snow Leopard installation I have installed two other Mac apps. MacSpech Dictate and StoryMill. The only thing I want to make sure of backing up is my novel which will be backed up all the time to a folder in Documents .

I also have purchased a new Seagate 250GB external drive. I have tried to think about the best way of backing up, but the more I think and read, the more unsure I am. In view of what I am trying to achieve, my initial idea is to just backup frequently to my ext drive using SD, which will then do incremental backups taking little time at all.

I suppose my question is, is my plan adequate or should I bring TM in to the equation. As I am really only going to backup one folder, do I need TM?

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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