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hey Dave

...uh okay - thinking about this today, it seems a bit clearer.

its good that none of the files outside the image are touched -- logical really - and I guess I dont have to 'add to the old files/rubbish' on the image anyway.

If i dump the whole MacHD to an image - call it 'A' - i could continue work on the Powerbook as normal, making newer 'save as' versions of projects. Next time I backup, I Erase/Replace the 'A' save on the external HDD with the additional newer versions next time around giving an 'A + the new save as' versions. this is obviously how the process is supposed to work, right?

hope so.

but maybe would this be better? and I'd like your advice really - i'd like to unload the P.B. of most of the project 'save as' files and not keep as much stuff on the laptop. Am i right in thinking that i can make mulitple images on the Ext. HDD? i.e. make a master Disk Image of the Powerbook in its current state (image 'A'), then delete/trash/erase most of the old files from the PB, and create another/new Disk Image (image 'B') to continue to save the newer state P.B. and 'save as' project files. you with me?

i think i can -- and if so, which would be your recommended settings for this? i just want to run it by you before i started save processes that were not too smart. hope thats ok. if there's a better way to be doing this please let me know!

thnx again for you help in adv.


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