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Smart Update Deletes Rest of Volume?


Last couple of days (maybe since installing OS X 10.3.9? - I can't be sure) when doing a smart update from my main drive to my mirror drive, SD is copying all of the files changed (as it should) but is also deleting the rest of the mirror volume (eg. everything that hasn't changed on my mirror drive).

So after a smart update, my mirror drive only has Library and users on it (the stuff that's changed on my main drive, presumably) - everything else has been deleted on the mirror drive.

At first I thought my mirror drive had gone - so I erased and zeroed the drive with disk utility, did a full erase and clone with SD, then ran ran TTPro to check the directory - everything fine, and SMART status was Ok also.

Tonight when doing a smart update with SD, the same thing has happened again. At the moment it looks like the only way around this is to do a full bootable clone each time.

Anyone else seeing this?
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