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Strategy for backing up two internal drives to one external drive?

I'm evaluating Super Duper! I've read the manual but just wanted to check whether Super Duper! can deal with the following situation?

I have two internal hard drives that I want to back up. One is called 'Macintosh HD' and this has my system on it, as well as my applications and my user folder. The second internal drive is called Hard Drive 2 and has my photos and music on it.

I want to back both of these drives up to an external Firewire drive called 'Backup' and, ideally, that would then be bootable. From reading the manual, I *think* I would be able to create an initial backup of 'Macintosh HD' using Erase then Copy. Subsequent backups of 'Macintosh HD' would use Copy Newer/Different.

My intial backup of 'Hard Drive 2' would use Copy Newer/Different right from the start to avoid erasing any of the backed up files from 'Macintosh HD'.

1. Will this strategy work?
2. Would the folders/files from Hard Drive 2 simply be placed at the root of 'Backup'? If so, this is fine...
3. What if the occasional file on 'Hard Drive 2' happened to have the same name as one of the ones on 'Macintosh HD', even though they were completely unconnected. Does Super Duper! understand that they are from completely different sources when writing to the Backup?
4. I'd rather not use Cron, so will I be able to use the built in Daily backup script to achieve all this? i realise that scheduling is going to get alot better in v2.0...

Many thanks,

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