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First Restore

hi everyone

so things did go horribly wrong and i remembered to panic.

my 160GB hd died. fortunately i made my first bootable superduper clone the a couple days before. a christmas miracle.

i had a new hd intalled (250GB)

the SD backup clone is on an external firewire drive.
i understand that i need to hold down the Option key on start, select the firewire drive, and use SuperDuper! to perform the restore.

...i'm being really linear now because i am 'near' panic and have never done this before.

does this mean when i open SuperDuper from my backup on the firewire drive it will give me an option somewhere to 'restore?' i've only used it once so am not familiar with it yet.

and this will automatically transfer all my files from the FW drive to my HD?

should i update my OS before the restore? (the new HD came with osx 10.3 on it)

maybe i'm more 'extremely nervous' than near panic

thank u in advance for your patience

osx 10.4.11
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