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Enhancement request: TM switch

Hello there - Apple have to date not fixed a big bug with Time Machine (which I reported a while back) where it's not smart enough to notice that the current startup volume is different from the one it last backed up from (grrr...)

This means that those of us who clone our startup volume, and then boot into the clone at some point, currently have to remember to turn off TM before starting the clone process (this includes when creating Techtool Pro's eDrives) otherwise when you boot into the clone, TM blithely starts overwriting data in its differential backup using the current startup volume (which is generally not as up to date as the original anyway) and eats loads of TM volume space.

Please could you either add a checkbox to turn off TM for the duration of a clone backup, or just do it behind the scenes? I find it's too hard to remember to do it every time manually. Thanks for listening...

- padmavyuha
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