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SuperDuper! Erasing Audio Files?

Hi Dave,

I'm a composer who uses SuperDuper to back up my files using Smart Backup-backup all files. However, for some reason, SuperDuper is erasing my audio files. As far as I know, all other files are intact. Let me give you a few examples, I installed a 40 gig folder of Superior DFH samples. I have backed up this drive three times and each time I do I can't find the folder again--it totally ceases to exist! I've done a search and it's nowhere to be found, it's not even in the trash. I put the folder squarely on the hard drive (in other words, not in any other folder) and each time it's gone. As you can imagine, reinstalling a 40 gig drive (which I have to do over the Net) is a real pain. Then, I dragged-and-dropped some audio files into a song I was working on yesterday, opened up Logic 7.01 this morning and now they're gone too! Even if I had set SuperDuper! to erase the files from the hard drive after copying you would at least think that they would appear on the destination drive, wouldn't you? I love using SuperDuper so I hope it's me who's doing something wrong. But if not, then this is a serious problem. One note however, the files that I am using are originally WAV files from my PC but the Tiger 10.4.1 is able to handle those files now. As far as I know, AIFF files are OK although I haven't done a complete check to see yet, but it's the only thing I can think of that might be causing the problem. Thanks
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