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SuperDuper Backup of AES 128 Encrypted Disk Image


First I want to say SuperDuper is a fantastic product keep up the good work!

I have been using SuperDuper to Backup my Mac HD with 2 External Firewire Drives (1 on 1 offsite). I am using the Smartupdate feature and it works great. I have just created a disk image to secure some files with OS x's disk utility. I am using the AES 128 encryption. I am very new to this so bear with me. I have placed the disk image in my "user" folder. When I "unlock" the disk image, the disk image gets placed on my desktop. Then I can access all of the files. When I eject the disk image, it "locks" up and goes back to my "user" folder. I'm assuming that when the disk image is "locked up" in my user folder that it is fully encrypted. And when it is open and on my desktop it is not encrypted.

1) My main question is, how do I use SuperDuper to backup the disk image as well as my main HD?

2) If I leave the disk image locked in my "user" folder and backup my Mac HD, will the disk image be backed up? Or is it considered a separate drive? The "copy from screen" in SuperDuper does show the disk image as a separate drive from the Mac HD. So I'm assuming I would have to make 2 backups, 1 for the Mac HD and 1 for the disk image.

3) If I leave the disk image locked. Will SuperDuper copy the encrypted files? Is this a good or bad way to backup?

4) I opened the disk image and SuperDuper shows the opened disk image in the copy from box. I'm assuming if the disk image is unlocked, superduper would backup the files when they aren't encrypted.

5) Would it be better to backup the disk image in an encrypted or unencrypted state? Obviously if it were encrypted it would be secure on the backup media. But would it be stable and safe?

Sorry for all of the questions. Thanks for any and all help.
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