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Can't bless OS X System

Is there something funny about OS 10.3.8? Due to a lot of recent changes I decided to make a new clone of my current OS 10.3.8 instead of copying my previous OS 10.3.7 ASR Backup.dmg. I asked SD to repair disk permissions first this time.

SD gets to the end of cloning and copying, and then errors that it can't bless the System on the clone:

|04:49:37 AM|Info| PHASE: Conclude Target Setup
|04:49:37 AM|Info| ...ACTION: Bless System on PB G5 HD Extra
|04:49:37 AM|Info| ......COMMAND => Blessing OS X System Folder
|04:49:37 AM|Error| Could not touch /Volumes/PB G5 HD Extra/System/Library/CoreServices/BootX
|04:49:37 AM|Error| Could not create BootX in /Volumes/PB G5 HD Extra/System/Library/CoreServices

I tried again and the same thing happened again. Why can't it "touch" BootX on the clone disk? What can I do about this, hopefully without re-doing the whole damn process yet again? Is there anything I can do in Terminal?
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