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smart update didn't work due to remaining space problems

I have a 500Gb firewire drive partioned into 6 partitions. After the initial backup of every partition, which took about 60-90min for each, I was about to smart update after a week of work.

On the initial backup (Panther was installed at that time on that drive), my 60GB harddisk was almost full (used 59.1GB).
During my working week, the used space on my harddisk decreased to 47GB (I installed Tiger and did some drive housekeeping)

When doing the first smart update with SD, the procedure had been stopped with errors however, since a "out of space error" had been created.

|10:49:39 AM|Info| SuperDuper!, version 74, path: /Applications/SuperDuper!.app, OS: 10.4 (8A428)
|10:49:39 AM|Info| Source Drive: /, name: Panther, device: /dev/disk2s3 type: hfs, OS: 10.4 (8A428), capacity: 61.81 GB, used: 46.30 GB, directories: 56596, files: 251047
|10:49:39 AM|Info| Target Drive: /Volumes/Panther Backup, name: Panther Backup, device: /dev/disk3s3 type: hfs, OS: 10.3.9 (7W98), capacity: 61.88 GB, used: 59.18 GB, directories: 69307, files: 322510
|10:55:55 AM|Error| : No space left on device

Does this mean that smart update copies new files first and then deletes the old ones afterwards? (Thus needing more space...)
Or has this been caused by the Tiger update only?

Thanks for a short info.
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