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Using Two Drives In Sequence


I'm wondering what people would think of the following approach, and whether there are any special issues using SuperDuper! to manage it.

Currently, I back up to a single external firewire drive. But that doesn't address the risk of it being stolen along with my main computer or a house fire, for example. In both scenarios, the original data and the backup would be lost.

I am considering buying as second external firewire drive. I would then run my regular nightly backups to one of them for, say, a month. Then, I would unplus that first drive, store it offsite and swap in the second drive. At the end of the month, I'd swap them back again.

So, for situations where a hard drive has crashed, for example, I'd have a good, up-to-date backup. And in the worst case scenario, it would be a maximum of a month out of date.

Presumably, for SuperDuper! to handle this from a single script, all I would have to do is ensure the two drives had exactly the same volume name. Would this work? Are there any issues with it?

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