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Thanks SuperDuper!

Earlier today I received a new Mac sent as a replacement from Apple for my old one that had been problematic since day one. During the migration process I tried using Time Machine, which took over two hours and then I spent the next few hours troubleshooting one thing after another. On top of that I found the Firewall had been deactivated and the system had strangely gone back to 10.7.2

After quite a bit of frustration and the realisation this just wasn't working I tried the safety backup made to another SATA drive using SuperDuper! just before sending away the old Mac. After starting up from that drive and seeing everything was suddenly fine I then used SuperDuper! again to copy it all over to the main new drive and was back to work in no time. Based on this experience if I ever need to migrate like this in the future I'll stick with SuperDuper!
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