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odd issue with SD

Well, I finally bit the bullet and registered SD!

I have an external Firewire hard drive that is partitioned into 3 partitions. The hard drive was daisy chained through an external Firewire DVD writer to my G4 running 10.3.9; my onboard Firewire ports are hosed and I am using a Sonnet Tango 2.0 Firewire/USB 2.0 card.

I had cloned my drive a few days before, so this time I just asked SD to backup changed files. I used the middle partition, called "Disk Images" as my target.

Right after SD finished, the partition unmounted by itself, and I got an error message saying there was an error on the disk. I rebooted, and ran Disk Warrior on all three partitions on the external drive. There were some minor repairs.

I then backed up again, without a problem, but the volume name that showed up in SD was "Disk Images 1", not "Disk Images", though in the finder the volume was still called "Disk Images".

After backing up, I tried to boot up off of the external drive by holding down the Option key, and my main hard drive did not show up, but "Disk Images" did. I selected "Disk Images", but the machine booted off of my main drive! I then unmounted the Firewire drive and turned it off, and rebooted again holding down the Option key. The only drive that showed up was "Disk Images" (but that drive is turned off!), and booting from that made the machine boot off of my internal hard drive. Somehow my system now thinks that the name of my internal hard drive is "Disk Images" (though it doesn't show up that way in the finder!).

I then mounted my external drive, went to startup disk and selected the external drive and tried to reboot. I got a blinking question mark.

So, after all of this:

1. My backup made with SD won't boot
2. My machine somehow thinks my hard drive has been renamed to the name of the external partition SD backed up to.

Any ideas how to remedy this peculiar state of affairs?
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