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Please help fix my scheduler which hasn't worked in years

Hi dnanian,

I've been using SD for a really long time on many computers and client's systems. But, for my personal setup, I've been having and working with scheduling problems for what seems like years. On my Mini it's never worked perfectly with 8 schedules setup to run every night (this computer never sleeps). For the past year, the scheduler runs maybe once a week. I tend to check it once a week at this point, and almost always I need to manually "copy now" in scheduled copies just so I have the data backed up (which always works).

I'm guessing this goes back to me messing with cron or other sh*t in an attempt to fix scheduling problems about 1.5-2 years ago. Now I'm ready to tackle this problem again and get this solved once and for all. I really need my scheduled backup to work without needing to check on them.

So, my question is this:

Can you please provide instructions to uninstall/erase/clear any and all settings (superduper and anything else you can think of) that might mess with superduper's scheduler?

Thank you very much!
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