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Talking OS 9 Boot Caution

Here is something you might want to consider, or else you can correct my misunderstanding if that is the case. I bought a new large capacity Hitachi hard drive for both Sandbox and to keep multiple backups. Apparently OS 9 requires disk drivers, and I am thinking that SuperDuper cloned or copied the drivers I have for Macintosh HD (which is, I believe, a Seagate drive). Unfortunately, when I try to boot into an OS 9 partition on the Hitachi (either Sandbox or any of the copies) using the Startup Disk Preferences panel, my Macintosh becomes unbootable. When I boot I only get as far as a 3.5" disk image with a flashing question mark. The problem is so bad that I can't reboot from bootable CDs, not even the OS 9 and OS X system CDs (except the OS 9 Tools CD does boot but doesn't allow you to change startup drives), option-boot doesn't work, nor does single user mode. To make my computer usable again I had to boot into Open Firmware, and even then it took several tries to find the sequence of commands that got me back.

I may be wrong that having Seagate OS 9 drivers on an Hitachi drive is the source of the problem (maybe the drivers are disk-independent?), but I believe it may be because one of the error messages I got was along those lines and also the fact that the only OS 9 partition I can now boot from is Macintosh HD.

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