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Ultra-slow Time Machine backup

I'm duplicating a 1 TB Time Machine HD containing 590 GB to a brand new 2 TB HD. Both drives are 7200 RPM and on separate (left & right) USB 2 ports of my MBP, nothing else is connected to either USB hub.

I aborted the first attempt ("Backup - all files") after 4 hours because it was averaging about 3 MB/s, with an estimated completion in the 40 hour range. Purchased a license in hopes that SD would offer some faster options, but my second attempt ("Backup - all files" with Smart Update) is equally glacial.

Prior to starting the clone I drag-and-dropped several test folders containing big and little files and saw typical speeds in the 20 MB/s range, so I know it's not a drive or USB problem.

Why is Super Duper taking so long?
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