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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
We do if the source and destination have the same UUID. But some have reasons for having two drives with the same UUID...
The actual bug I was seeing was that SD was this:

Open SD
Choose Source drive = "Alpha"
Choose Dest drive = "MirrorAlpha"
Do a backup.
Quit SD.
Restart SD.
At this point, the source drive would be selected as "Alpha" but the dest drive would be blank (even though "MirrorAlpha" was in the dest popup list, it just wasn't selected). In addition, the Console showed a message "Unable to find Dest drive 'Alpha'".

So, perhaps is there an actual bug in SD here? It seems that SD should not have mixed up "Alpha" with "MirrorAlpha" in that way. If, indeed two drives were mounted with identical UUIDs, I would argue that SD should have shown an error if the UUID was not matching the drive name that it was expecting.
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