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Question SD confused about volume names after breaking RAID config?

I have a weird situation : Normally, SD remembers the last copy settings when you restart it (source volume, destination volume, and options). However in some cases it seems to have trouble remembering the destination volume. When I start SD, it selects the source volume, but the destination volume popup is unselected (even though I can manually select the volume in the destination popup).

One possible clue -- I'm using two identical drives "Alpha" (boot drive) and "MirrorAlpha" (the backup drive). Previously, both drives were set to be part of a software RAID-1 configuration, named "Alpha". However, I was unable to boot from a RAID configuration, so I repartitioned both drives.

In fact, I've seen some messages in the console log from SD saying "Can't find destination volume 'Alpha' " -- which is weird, since the "Alpha" is the name of the SOURCE volume, not the destination.

My theory: a drive that was part of a RAID-1 set is somehow keeping it's RAID set name, instead of it's new name after being re-partitioned? Does SD use some sort of internal volume identifier rather than the volume's name? If so, might this be causing the volume name confusion? Is there any way to fix this?

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