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Thanks; I saw that when I downloaded the new users' guide, and when I have some time (always in short supply), I'll check that out; the new sparse image handling looks especially good, since it essentially reduces my scripts to starting the correct settings and then doing the compacting at the end.


PS: I just looked around and don't find that I need to create a copy job with "schedule" to get a copy job applescript. It looks pretty easy to modify. Am I correct in reading it that all I really need to do for each of my various copy jobs (one for my system, one for my music) is to go into SD and
1. load the settings I want to use
2. "schedule" with that all set up
3. Go into the "package" copy job.applescript thus created and edit to add my after completion hdiutil compact commands?

It seems that I'd need to save this modified copy job.applescript for whenever I decided to change the schedule, etc. Is there a way I don't see in the "schedule" option or elsewhere to allow me to point to the copy job script I want it to use, or do I just modify it each time?

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