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SuperDuper! as backup/restore program?

I've perused the SuperDuper manual and the forums a bit and seen some references to using it as a backup/restore program, but the emphasis in the manual seems to be pretty much on the Safety Clone. The Safety Clone sounds like a great idea--if I ever get a 2nd hard drive or work up the initiative to partition my internal hard drive.

I'm currently backing up my system with Dantz Retrospect and finding it OK but not great. I'm interested to know if SuperDuper could replace Retro for me. I use Retro as follows:

Over a period of a week to a month, I make 2 full backups--OS, apps, data, the whole 9 yards--to CD-R. The CD burner is my only backup device, and I trust CD-R more than I do CD-RW. At this writing it takes 7 CD's and then some. After 17 years with computers, I'm not taking a chance on having just 1 backup! Then I make weekly "progressive" backups (Retrospect-ese for incremental backups) to both backups. IOW, I back up files that have changed since the last backup. When the 2 stacks of CD's start getting too tall, I start the cycle over again with full backups.

Could SuperDuper fill this role? If so, I'll have some more specific questions.
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