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Restoring to an erased internal HD

I have to restore (full restore) from an external USB backup drive to my internal Mac drive following a computer repair that erased the hard drive.

(I guess Apple restores the OS and not much of anything else in situations like that?)

Is doing the 'restore' just a matter of running SuperDuper and choosing the Restore tab? One reason I ask is because the section of the SD user guide that deals with restoring continually refers to Firewire drives and the ability of the Mac to restart from a bootable Firewire drive, even though elsewhere it states that backups (including bootable ones) to USB drives are apparently also okay even though FW is always preferred.

Are there any procedural differences in restoring from a USB drive v. a FW drive?

Also, having already downloaded a Firefox update (i.e., since getting my computer back), I assume that to keep it from being overwritten (by the older version of Firefox included in the backup) I should rename it before doing the 'restore'?

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