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Mavericks, Fusion Drive, and Backing up Files

Dave, I'm backing up files from a Fusion drive created under Mavericks to an external drive using SuperDuper!'s Smart Update.

I don't know how to describe my issue other than to say it looks like SuperDuper! backs up the same files to the external drive every time the backup runs (aside from small variations from backup to backup due to my daily activity). It's almost like Smart Update isn't working. (Note: The same effect is seen whether SuperDuper! is running from a scheduled job or if the backup is done manually.

Any idea on how I can stop this "full backup" behavior?

Here is my scheduled task:

Here are some stats about the SuperDuper! jobs collected from the logs:

Background: I was using SuperDuper! to back up my iMac and suffered an internal drive failure. I had the drive replaced, but had to give my iMac to my wife because her old G4 bit the dust. So I turned my laptop into my "main machine", but I couldn't bring a lot of my backed up files with me onto the laptop, it having a much smaller drive.

Fast forward about a year and now I have a Mac mini. It has a 500GB spinny drive and a 240GB SSD which I combined into a Fusion drive. Then I used the OS X migration assistant to copy my user account from my laptop to the mini. Following that I have been copying quite a few of my "left behind" files from the iMac's SuperDuper! clone onto the mini. I've (obviously) established a new SuperDuper! backup of the mini's Fusion drive to a new external drive.

But as noted from the backup job stats, it looks like the same data is backed up on every run of SuperDuper! The new backup job was scheduled with SuperDuper! having been installed after installing Mavericks on the mini.

A note: The initial Mavericks system was built on the internal SSD, then backed up to the external USB attached drive using SuperDuper!. The mini was booted from the external drive and the Fusion drive was created on the two internal drives. SuperDuper! was then used to restore the data from the external drive to the newly created Fusion Drive and then the migration assistant was used to copy my user account from the laptop to the mini with the laptop being set into target disk mode (the two systems were connected using Thunderbolt).
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