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Failure creating ASR compliant DMG in 10.2.8

I am planning to upgrade my eMac 800Mh Power PC G4 (ver 2.1) to Tiger from OS X 10.2.8. My internal Macintosh HD drive is a 55.89 GB (1K = 1024) with 16.28 GB used. I have an external Firewire hard drive with 3 partitions of 10GB, 20GB and 202GB. I tried to make a "Backup - all files" to a disk image on the largest partition and it failed with the following error:

|10:55:43 PM|Info| Elapsed Time: 36m 26.422s
|10:55:43 PM|Info| (1 task, weight 100)
|10:55:43 PM|Info| File size: 17306919424 bytes, Checksum: CRC32 $F1047198
|10:55:43 PM|Info| Sectors processed: 34318336, 33802577 copied
|10:55:43 PM|Info| Speed: 7.5Mbytes/sec
|10:55:43 PM|Info| Savings: 1.5%
|10:55:43 PM|Info| created: MacHD OS X 10.2 Backup 2.dmg
|10:55:43 PM|Info| ......COMMAND => Pre-scanning /Volumes/Vol3/MacHD Backup 2/MacHD OS X 10.2 Backup 2.dmg to support fast block copy restore
|11:33:20 PM|Info| /usr/bin/hdiutil: detach: "disk2s1" detached successfully.
|11:33:20 PM|Info| /usr/bin/hdiutil: detach: "disk2s2" detached successfully.
|11:33:20 PM|Info| /usr/bin/hdiutil: detach: "disk2" detached successfully.
|11:33:20 PM|Info| asr: unable to unflatten "/Volumes/Vol3/MacHD Backup 2/MacHD OS X 10.2 Backup 2.dmg" - %s.
|11:33:20 PM|Info| asr: unable to write UDIF info into "/Volumes/Vol3/MacHD Backup 2/MacHD OS X 10.2 Backup 2.dmg" - 78. Function not implemented.
|11:33:20 PM|Info| asr: image scan failed - Function not implemented.
|11:33:20 PM|Error| ****FAILED****: result=256 errno=0 (Undefined error: 0)

The disk image that was created takes 16.11GB of disk space. The disk being used still has 140GB of free space even with the disk image in place. The disk image appears to have been created successfully; it mounts in the Finder and I can access it. I have a couple of questions. (I can provide a copy of the entire log of the run by email if that would be of use to you.)

Do you think the problem is related to running 10.2.8 or do you think there is a problem with the copy of 10.2.8 that I am running?

Would it be possible to still restore the system to a disk using disk copy followed by other steps such as blessing the system folders? If so, how does one bless a OS X system folder?

The full log of this run is in the SuperDuper! log 2.txt upload attached to the “Problem getting apps to run on clone volume” posting made this morning.
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