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Unhappy All data gone, just links now. What happened?

I think i just fucked up a huge backup but want to know if you probably have an idea. I used to backup "new" or "different" files to a 200GB external HD with superduper using "backup all files > copy newer" or "backup all files > copy different". Everything went fine, it added new files to lets say my "user > films" folder...

Now, this morning i used the sandbox method, cause i thought it would only copy user related data and leave the other things like apps and so untouched. It even says "no files are removed/deleted" in the description right?
But now on my external backup drive all user folders are just links to my general macbook hardrive. Does that mean they DID delete my former files? WHY? are they all gone? this is the work of months.
Is there any chance to get the data back or is it somewhere else on the external drive? I don't get it.

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