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Question Dave's disable_spotlight script vs. privacy window

I'm a new user of SuperDuper! and so far it's great. But I'm having a problem with Spotlight, and maybe someone can help me out of my confusion.

I have a Seagate external hard drive connected via USB to my PowerBook G4. I use this drive and SD to maintain a bootable clone of the PowerBook's hard drive. This part works fine. Each time I update the clone (using "Smart Update"), I close the session by running the disable_spotlight script provided by Dave. But then when I do a search with Spotlight, the duplicate files on the external drive are listed right along with the originals on the PowerBook drive. I also hear drive activity on the Seagate when I don't expect it, as though Spotlight is indexing it.

I tried adding the external drive to the Spotlight privacy window, both with the "+" button and by dragging, but no go. The privacy window is working otherwise: I can add desktop folders perfectly well. When I try to add the external drive, however, its name and icon just fail to show up in the window. No error message accompanies this behavior.

Then I realized that I don't really understand the need for Dave's disable_spotlight script. If all you had to do was put the backup drive in the privacy window, I guess we would have been instructed to do so....

So three questions: (1) Why can't I add my external drive to the Spotlight privacy window? (2) Why is Dave's script necessary, and what does it really do? (3) What is the relationship between Spotlight indexing and Spotlight searching?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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