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Thanks for the reply. Regarding mounting by the system, I don't understand the implication, how that relates. Are you talking about mounting the disk image, and giving an explanation for why it takes so long?

As far as the unnecessary complexity, I would need more detail to learn where I'm going wrong. Here are some of the needs I was trying to meet.

1. Isn't it necessary to make sure the remote computer is awake before beginning the process? We don't want the computer to run awake all the time.

2. Doesn't the firewire drive, specifically the volume containing the image, have to mounted on the remote computer before you can mount it on your source computer? That computer user doesn't want the drive permanently mounted. It has a standby mode so it goes to sleep itself unless it is mounted.

3. I know from the User's Guide that the source computer has to be woken up before SuperDuper can do its thing. I mentioned Energy Saver and pmset, a more complex but flexible alternative.

4. Mounting the target volume on the source computer - this I gather from the Guide should be done by SuperDuper. It wasn't happening in my case. If you can help troubleshoot that I would be grateful. I described two alternatives for getting this done.

5. Unmounting the target volume after the backup - I'm pretty sure SuperDuper doesn't do this, so I mentioned a little insertion for the Copy job.applescript to do it.

So for the 5 things I addressed, as far as I know SuperDuper only is supposed to do one of them. Of course you could avoid all this by leaving the the volume mounted on both computers all the time, and leaving the computers running.
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