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I completely agree with this approach. I already decided it was prudent to switch back to the old machine for work today, as I had only changed maybe 10 files on the new one. I'm fine with re-formatting and re-doing the dupe, following the steps you outlined, to figure out what's happening here.

No need to send repair instructions, as we'll just work through this until we understand what the problem is.

Thanks again for all your help!

Originally Posted by dnanian
I can give you instructions to repair the problems off-line (I'll send them as a reply to your log), but -- if possible -- could you re-clone with the current version of SuperDuper!, after verifying that the files on the original drive do, indeed, change ownership when you do the "sudo ls -l" as mentioned above, then see if -- after copying -- those files continue to do that on the clone (before booting from it)?
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