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Sorry to be unclear. Option boot, single user mode, booting from CDs ... all are NORMALLY available on my computer. But, when I use Startup Disk Preference Pane to select OS 9.2.2. on a Hitachi partition, Mac OS gets so confused that it only gets as far as the flashing question mark, and Option-reboot and all of the other methods fail. They all end up back at the flashing question mark. The only modes that get past the flashing question mark are X-boot and Open Framework boot.

Since obviously the Hitachi partitions can't boot OS 9, it would be nice if Apple would fix the Startup Disk preference pane to not list them, but it does and that's when I get stuck. Since you cannot reproduce this yourself (since you probably have OS 9-bootable drives), I thought I would alert you so you can consider whether this is worth a caution in your docs.

Does this clarify what I mean when I say that Option boot doesn't work?

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