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Disabling Startup Mode Security Mac With T2 Chip

I am getting ready to setup a refurb 2018 Mac Mini. I'm aware that starting-up from a bootable clone is impossible without entering Recovery Mode and disabling startup security mode.

What I haven't been able to find out is whether this can only be done on a incident-basis or whether I can perform this task one time and I will be able to boot from a startup disk forever.

My concern is that if it can only be done when a problem arises, if Recovery Mode is not accessible for some reason, then the bootable clone won't be usable either.

I can appreciate some of the inherent advantages of the T2 chip but there are some considerable downsides as well. (Has anyone heard if Apple has addressed the audio glitch affecting Macs with a T2 chip?) I may have decided against this Mac Mini purchase if I had been better informed about the T2 chip issues. . .
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