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Sandbox and bluetooth kb/m

I have set up a sandbox on my iMac G5 1.6MHz using 10.4.9. Easy initial set-up and Smart update when I decided I wanted more files shared. A couple of problem apps - one fixed easily, the other still being worked on until I run out of ideas. For all that, high marks.

But I am a frustrated as hell by my bluetooth kb/m booting into sandbox. Every time I reach the login screen the cursor freezes for a while. If I am lucky it unfreezes and everything is ok. Mostly it freezes long enough for Bluetooth Set-up to intervene, and then I can go through up to 4/5 cycles of registration for the mouse, then kb. Once in no problems.

This doesn't occur booting into my full system, which isn't much compensation as I'm supposed to be using sandbox full time.

Any suggestion appreciated.
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