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You might also want to monitor the console or system log for disk I/O errors like:

Dec 21 15:09:13 halo kernel: disk0s5: I/O error.

That was the start of trouble (happy holidays ) on my iMac G5 internal drive even though SMARTReporter still reported the drive was okay. Apparently that error indicated a bad sector (or sectors) on the drive, and running DiskWarrior actually made the problem worse. I eventually salvaged a satisfying amount of data from the drive, then ran Media Scanner from SpeedTools Utilities on it. That detected and mapped out more bad sectors than I could count before I gave up and called AppleCare to get a replacement drive. I ran Media Scanner on that drive for a day and it was error-free and has been trouble-free.

There was never any indication of a S.M.A.R.T. error on the bad drive (with several utilities) and I'm much more attentive to disk I/O errors as a symptom of potential drive failure.
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