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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
That's not a 'restorable offense'. It sounds like they might be doing the secure login in the field (via a certain type of submission), not necessarily showing it to you on the URL line.
That would be a change from the way things were before I brought my computer in for the repair. Moreover, it's happening both in Firefox and Safari.

Shouldn't I at least be seeing a 'lock' icon in the status bar when I'm signed into my accounts with the mentioned services (Yahoo!, Google, etc.)? I thought that -- and/or the https: a/o/t http: -- was the indicator for determining whether a connection is secure or not.

(By "not a 'restorable offense'" do you mean that even if a 'security-related' issue is involved, it shouldn't have any effect on restoring the internal drive to its prior state from the backup?)

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