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Backup External HD (TCP/IP Snap Server)

I have an external hard drive. However, it is not connected by a Firewire or USB cable.

This external Hard Drive is a Snap Server and is on our Router Switch, and thus obviously runs over TCP/IP. That means it is on our "LAN". It is available to all the PCs and Macs in the house.

I plan to buy a new hard drive to which I will make backups. I'm going to stick it in the basement (BASEMENT EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE)

I want to install Super Duper on my PowerMac, but I want to know what hard drives it can actually back up:
  • I know Super Duper can backup an internal hard drive.
  • I suspect it can backup a Firewire connected hard drive.
  • But, can it back up a Snap Server?

- Dan Ashley, Chicago
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