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Finding logs

I've had a related problem finding logs. I have scheduled updates of Mac HD to 2 external HD volumes: Backup & Spare, just to be paranoid. If I open Schedule, highlight one schedule, click Show Log, I see the most recent backup log for that one, same with the other schedule. If I close Schedule, and go to Window menu, click on Show log, I see the log for update prior to the one shown from Schedule. OK, that's interesting, shows there are at least 2 logs saved for each update script. However, I can't find where the logs are stored to look at logs further back in time. As suggested above, I looked in Home:Library:Logs, see 3 folders and 1 document, nothing related to SD!. So, I look in Mac HD:Library:Logs, and see 5 folders and 1 document, also no SD! logs. Where are they? Dale Meyn.
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