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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
You partition the 2TB drive into two (or more) volumes, at least one per source volume. LaCie HD goes to LaCie HD Backup. Mac HD goes to Mac HD Backup...
Thanks Dave, ok, that make sense so when I use Super Duper I can choose which drive I want and apply the settings that best apply to that drive. I think I'll call one: "Artwork Backup" and the Other "Mac HD Backup". That should work shouldn't it?

I am thinking of partitioning the drive this way. My Mac Hard Drive is currently 300 GB which is OS and Applications.

Mac HD Backup: 500GB
Artwork Backup: 1.5 TB
= Total 2TB

Just out of curiosity, what if I don't divide it right at the beginning. I'll bet I'll have to reformat/erase the whole drive to change the partition size. Correct?

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