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To copy with ditto and cp, open a Terminal window. Then, issue the command:

sudo ditto -rsrcFork "path-to-source" "path-to-destination"

Your paths have quotes in them, so I've used '' for quoting. For example:

sudo ditto -rsrcFork '/Volumes/Macintosh Data/60 GB - "OK"/Developer/Documentation/Help/QuickTime' '/Volumes/Hard Drive/60 GB - "OK"/Developer/Documentation/Help/QuickTime'

cp would be used the same way, but if you're not under Tiger, it won't preserve resources, so probably isn't a good example. But, the syntax would be:

sudo cp '/Volumes/Macintosh Data/60 GB - "OK"/Developer/Documentation/Help/QuickTime' '/Volumes/Hard Drive/60 GB - "OK"/Developer/Documentation/Help/QuickTime'
--Dave Nanian

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