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Originally Posted by dnanian
I did see that Disk Warrior says the catalog is "fine" (though you didn't indicate that you had rebuilt)
As I said, DiskWarrior rebuilds the disk with no problems. Yes, the disk has been rebuilt.

Originally Posted by dnanian
I don't think you can say they're good files, Steve: something's clearly wacky, since they can't be copied with SuperDuper! or ditto (and probably not with cp or other Unix-level tools either).
In addition to the Finder, Synchronize! Pro X copies the files without problems. Also, Synchronize! Pro X verifies both its own copying and the Finder copying. The Finder copying is perfectly identical to the original.

Originally Posted by dnanian
Try copying a file that won't copy with SD! with ditto and cp, in Terminal (making sure to preserve the resource fork with ditto). Do they work?
I need help to do this, I'm not familiar how to do it.

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