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Back up both Intel and PPC

I just got a macbook (intel) which replaced my ibook (PPC) and bought a Seagate 7200.10 320 gig Hard drive to back it up. I partitioned it into 5 partitions to back up my whole family's computers (they all have PPC macs).

Fortunately after reading the discussions here I migrated my system from my ibook to my Macbook (rather than cloned) which went well.

I also read that I should partition with the GUID format rather than the Apple Partition Map (APM), so I can boot up my Macbook from it if need be. I cloned my macbook (hiding Superduper as suggested on other threads) to the Seagate back up drive and that went well.

I was trying to back up my father's ibook (PPC) 600 mhz dual USB running 10.4.8 using SuperDuper and it kept freezing. Is that due to the fact that it is a GUID partition or is it due to the fact that I should be hiding Superduper as soon as it starts?

Any help would be appreciated...
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